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Lawn Edgers - Electric & Gas Edgers are in Stock!

How to select the right lawn edger for your home...

An electric lawn edger is a perfect option for homeowners that have a small area to edge or whose soil is not too hard.  It is important not to use more than a 100' extension cord and be sure to keep the cord away from the edger blade.  Using a lawn edger for the first time may not be easy, but with a little practice your lawn, flower beds, sidewalk and driveway will look GREAT.

Gas powered lawn edgers range in both power and quality.

  • Gas Edgers start at 3 - 3.5 HP and have a 7" or 8" blade
  • McLane and Little Wonder gas edgers continue to be quality units as far as edgers are concerned
  • Quality edgers have depth and angle control on the edger blade
  • Angling the edger's blade will help to create a nice angled edged on flower beds
  • It's best to place the edger's blade in a vertical position for edging driveways and walkways
  • Brown Bed Edgers are great for commercial applications. These bed edgers are very durable and can cut new beds, re-define existing beds, edge sidewalks and driveways.  You can even install invisible dog fencing with these commercial edgers
  • Some Brown Bed Edger models have steerable rear wheels while other edger models can handle many different rotor styles
  • Other commercial edger brands include E-Z Trench, BedShaper by Little Wonder and Bluebird

Edger Maintenance

  • Depending on the frequency of use, the edger blade will need to be replaced. 
  • An indication of when edgers blades need to replaced is when the edger's blade becomes rounded.
  • Do-Cut Sales & Service has electric and gas powered edgers, as well as regular grade and heavy duty edger blades.  

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